Friday, December 31, 2010


"mascara." (right eye) ;)

 it's homemade, so im never going to make it again or wear it in public in case it's bad! i just can't help it, when i get an idea,and i get a lot, i MUST try it out! and i had an idea for mascara. i've also had ideas for...umm way to many things. like nail art without nail polish, fake eyelashes, all sorts of jewelry and accessories. i see everything and get inspired even though i don't own a speck of makeup or even care. ;) just ask me. :) usually they turn out to be bad ideas.

ahaah i wonder if any good will come out my creative-craziness.

New Year's Resolutions:
Brush teeth lots so when i get my teeth cleaned half a year later, it's quick
yup...that's all. it's a looong term goal, :)
happy new years everyone