Friday, April 29, 2011

the dance day

from waking up, 7:00, to about now, 7:30, it's been a long day. i had to spend lots of extra time at my dance competition because i was getting a ride with someone who had an earlier competition than me (thanks!!!!:)
and...oh god. it was too long...cause by my turn i only wanted to get it over it. i still remember last year, my legs were weak, but i was so into the music it was a part of me. this year, i wasn't scared, just tired, and because i didn't have proper footwear, danced rather poorly compared to usually. i was slipping all over the place. luckily, overall, our trio got silver (that's better than bronze but no where as excellent as gold) and we got little teddy bearsfor them since we were a beginner group! (how cute)
it's been a suuuper long day...despite all the makeup i bought, i still sucked. i wish i didn't buy. i don't know how to use a pencil, i draw it on so thick it looks bad. maybe i just need liquid liner, since you can go no where as thin with a  pencil (my dance mate used liquid) however it was much better than showing up with nothing. i had to borrow my friend's mascara too and one from ardene (it is only in canada/us??please tell me if you know this store!!). ardene sells wonderful girly things and i love it (it's one of the main reasons why i would want my ears pierced...sooo cute earrings!) for example, super cute rainbow lipgloss and really great eyeshadow: (haha i will buy these if i ever get the chance!!! they are too cute) however, their mascara isn't so great. but they sell for $3.50, so i guess that's cheap. mine says "double volume" and another says "extra curl" but i doubt it, since "double volume" didn't do anything except make your eyelashes black, and maybe add a bit of length/clump. the problem is that there is almost nothing on the thick but sparse bristles, and what there is clumps, but doesn't stick to the roots of your lashes (so it looks like you have nothing on...unless you curl your lashesi guess). i put and removed so much makeup i was sick of it. i used to think makeup would be great, but now...i think i need to buy something more expensive or just give up. however bad the ardene mascara is, im quite happy because it looks nice, and i love ardene (though ive never bought anything from it before) personally, my makeup would only have to look nice ie. rainbow colours. im an artist/child at heart.
the best dance was to i wish i were that good!^^

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i dance.
not really.
i mean i do, but i'm not very good at it. :/ haha
anyways, i have this competition tomorrow; and i haven'tbeen really stressed about it until now.
i mean it's only for fun right?
ihad to borrow almost everything-tights, foot undies (that's what you wear to protect the soles of your feet), mascara, foundation. i was so scared i wouldnt have everything i needed but at the last moment i did.
cause that competition is tomorrow!! and i just got everything i still haven't got my dress yet (ill get that tomorrow) it all feels verylast minute and rushed,,,not to mention my actual dancingabilities haha!
lol im so scared i dont even want to have to pay extra attention to another detail like makeup haha...that's big!
anyways, i hope you wish me luck. cause i want more of it haha ^^whether or not you've danced, it's the feeling of being on stage and pouring yourheart out that should be commended.
and grrr, i can't even practice before because my room is full of people (my brother haha) so i guess ill just wing it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

cute products in real life!--->

Ahhh....What cute products you say? Let me get there. ^^
Yesterday I went to the mall to see a super funny magic/circus show. It was so cute seeing the little kids so engaged. It was so great I was laughing nonstop throughout both shows! Somehow a guy ate a balloon. Another guy said he couldn't pronounce the word "balloon" but kept saying: "I can't say balloon, I can only say "bay-loon." The little kids were so enraged that he was saying balloon and wasn't admitting to it!! Easter and magic and balloons...and cuteness all go hand in hand!!

(that's one of them with his 9 foot! )
afterward when i went to lunch with my family still i saw a worker pushing a cart of cakes from a nearby building!! so that's where they're made! haha ^^
she deserves applause! ^^
there were glowsticks on the ground..partying before easter's? haha 

i discovered "dollywink" all over the units at the top of the mall (it's really big) that I never usually go to. (that's mainly the foodcourt level and it's kind of expensive) it was in a store called cube inc. that had a lot of glass units filled with merchandise from a lot of independant sellers. it's a bad thing because i can't see the price, only the product, but each unit is displayed so it's each it's own spotlight. it's funny, i can only find stuff about asian culture on the internet; that's how i saw dollywink. but i saw it in real life, yesterday, and it was like the asian culture that exsisted elsewhere was suddenly here and close to me. quite cool actually. ^^ (in another store i saw on the third floor that also sold dollywink, each pair of fake eyelashes were $20!!! i would never buy!! how much is it in your countries??)
it really was quite fascinating to browse through all the eyelashes and floating lenses that could make your eyes look the same as anyone else's. though, i would never wear contact lenses coloured or not...too scary and don't want to!!
Lastly, i saw Miga's and Quatchi's in a plush animal game machine. poor guys! who is miga and quatchi? why, the olympic mascots for vancouver 2010. ^^
happy easter everyone!! hope you find as much cuteness as i did! ^^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

make up

don't get me wrong, I'm not going to start wearing makeup all the time.
i have always wanted makeup!!
since i'm naturally creative and love textile things...
i couldn't wait to be able to feel makeup and "feel" the colours...
and finally finally finally! after years of waiting...i got a marcelle graphite powder eyeliner for $1!!!!
 there were black eyeliners too but i could only try the powder kind and it was SO SOFT I had to buy...
i have a dance competition coming up (horrible at anything athletic) ^^ and last year I had to borrow eyeliner from a friend since we were supposed to come with our makeup ready and I didn't have any. that was my first taste of makeup and i liked it!!
so now i finally own something magical! ^^
it's so smooth and powdery like soft chalk...^^maybe this once I'll pamper myself haha

hihihi ^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

long time no see ^^

hi!'s been almost a month since i blogged. and it's not like i blogged much in between.
i love blogs
but making one~~nah.
maybe during the summer. :)
but for now...
i'll let life flows as it does...
and continue reading all of your blogs, i always find that is much more fun :)
anyways, i do want to point out that i went to australia and it is an amazing place. so please visit there if possible.
Well, i guess i should say a little about my trip.
first of all, i had no internet/computers for most of the trip and while it was a nice treat i realized i really didn't need it. not always anyway. just for a treat, catchup with you guys. :)
i had a lot more fun in real life.
yes, it was mostly visiting my mom's relatives and yawning at fancy restaurants but the shopping and people were good too, as was the scenery. ^^
in fact, I got beautiful flats (that's those flat, ballet-type shoes...what do you guys call them?) for $3, and shorts for $2.50 (but bad quality pictures haha...see below)
 $3 (looks like real leather,,,really!!) 
$1!! So good quality!! 
so girly right? haha
i like it 
and i've never had anything this girly in my life before, cause it costs too much. ^^ 
oh and one more picture///for the summer time...

icecream necklace!!
they are very mini...i made them last year when i wanted to start a business selling my mini food. i didn't haha but i made tons of earrings///made me feel weird/sad because my ears are not pierced so i cannot wear my own art, only others can for a price haha :) 

anyways...keep writing awesome blogs!! ^^ and thanks for inspiring me to try to make one..but im off on blog-vacation now until maybe the summer or just be a reader forever~~!!
australia: a postcard perfect place ^^

PS...I just bought some studs from the thrift store (the kind with foldback prongs that you can insert into clothing...) any project ideas??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

~~back from vacation!!~~^^

wow, it's hard to believe'
it's been two weeks since i first landed in australia...scared of airplanes! i never thought i'd have fun...heat, humidity, strange surroundings. it's taught me i've been too close-minded about life. it's been too long since i travelled! <not april fool's~~^^>
there were ups and downs of course...but best of all i met new people and had new experiences. :) <3
although, personally, it felt like I went to china rather than australia because I spent so much time with chinese relatives at chinese restaurants...
the best parts?
definitely being around my young perverted friend...and being a child again....^^ remember when it was funny to be gross and not be called on it??
on the other hand i also enjoyed being "old"...for the first time i was able to buy some clothes because Kmart was having huge sales...i got shorts for $2.50 and flats for $3...
overall I got the impression that I needed to go out more and try everything, even if I don't like it~ ^^
thank you parents and family for making this all happen~~!!
now, back to regular canada...^^
I got my hello kitty plate in the mail thanks to who mentioned bornprettystore a while back...^^ however I don't have nail stamping tools, although I know people who do. ^^ I want my own!!
(luckily I watched a video on how to use them or else I wouldn't know there was a piece of protective plastic on top I had to peel off before you use the plate...^^)
My room is full of little reminders of these little koala souvenirs~ I wish i could mail one to each and every person who reads this haha! although you might be already from australia...and know they are quite cheap (.50 each haha)...