Sunday, July 24, 2011

yesterday with friends

(necklace i made and sold to my friend for $2...not for anyone else...^^)

environment statement jewelry i made and sold all to my friends for $3...
the fake eyelashes that i made from moving, cutting and combining bornpretty eyelashes ^^

OMG what the heck happened....
I feel sort of distant..
I think one of my friends looked for my support, and i looked for her support, but all i wanted to do so badly was get out of there.
get out and go play with my summer school friends, or do homework by myself.
just kidding...
i really enjoyed my friend's company,
the main purpose (watching 6 hrs of anime) was what fucked it up.
i just cannot stand hours of shallow, non-activity, and i felt sick from sitting so long trying to understand the plot.
but my friend and I did a makeover haha. i did her nails artistically too. :)
She doesn't need any fancy tricks to make me/herself look pretty good.
By then though I don't have a care for makeup so I didn't really care if she messed up. It was all in good fun.
She really liked the lower lashes I made from NYC lashes that I bought for really cheap on bornpretty ( i could tell and the upper lashes is stacked together, also from bornpretty. ^^
omg lol and finally i made almost $17, should be $22 once someone pays me, selling my necklaces etc. really cheap to my friends. i'm so happy they love them. ^^
so, you win some, you lose some,
hold onto the happy parts,
let the sad/mad parts go and learn from them.
k...I'm still sort of mad actually since i got yelled at for coming home so late to watch TV >:(....
hihih <3 ^^
Do you ever wanna escape a situation when your friends want to do something but not u?