Tuesday, March 15, 2011


can't believe i actually got complimented in dance for looking like i was totally into it. the only other comment i get is that i jump really really high. other than that, saying i'm good at dance isn't right.
life's good, australia in two days~!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

indoor rock climbing heaven

* i want to post some pictures of my presents/creations...tomorrow!!*

its a busy week as australia trip comes closer (3 more days!)...
friday, self defence seminar ^^ afterwards, we saw people playing hockey in the dark to loud music, it was so typically canadian---> i miss the olympics and the joy they brought, must try playing hockey at night too. ^^
saturday, helped out with a friend and ended up spending four hours out  even though I was swamped with homework laughing about trying to enter an ipad contest (maybe win? will we split the prize? crack the ipad in two??^^)...
monday, today, indoor rockclimbing with my school girl's gym class...
so amazing. there's no good or bad, it's always good when you really get into it, put your all.
the people at the rockclimbing place were so inspiring and funny and encouraging.
some of the guys were very buff (haha...wait til i tell my friendies ^^) despite not caring about guys, it was hard not to notice and like...
and everyone was so encouraging too. i reached the top of all the walls i climbed. i watched people almost make it and cheered for them too. hearing all the people cheer for me as i climbed was the best. ^^
rockclimbing...you have to trust your belayer and i did, though it was hard at first! though knowing you are safe helped me climb since i know i can just make a leap for the next handhold and always be safe.
to make it harder/easier there are colours on the handholds so you can try to stick to only one colour and get up...two stories high...my legs were always shaking as i reached the ground quickly and my forearms so tight because i was so tense!
how to say no to adrenaline? last year and two years before that i went snowboarding and it's the same feeling...only indoor rockclimbing is more safe and warm haha ^^
as always i took tons of the freebies...a temporary tatoo and 3 stickers...haha. does anyone else have that habit? taking everything free as a memento?
oh and thanks to elisa at http://www.memorable-days.net/ i got my free born pretty rhinestones. ^^ they are so beautiful and shiny to look at.
im making a mini icecream cone right now for my friend's bday, maybe i'll put some mini rhinestones on it? yay ^^
soo random post sorry.
i encourage you to try indoor rock climbing. whatever happens, you will end up with experience. ^^
xox, hihihi

Thursday, March 10, 2011

so confused

so yesterday was the school dance but i didn't go. the people who i really wanted to go with weren't going. it seemed only for a select few, and the tickets didn't even sell out: the cool and the wannabes.
so no, i dun really want to go to the dance.
but i did want to wear a dress~~!! some people bought $100 dresses just for the ocassion. of course no one went without makeup. why~~!!! why must I feel this way~~usually I'm tomboy-ish but at the same time love dresses~~and dressing up~~~
i am so confused~~!!!
well first of all I don't even have a dress :( however my dance costume this year is one so I will have one dress.
>< (i started a year ago and i am the worst dancer on earth lol!!!!)
and I own no makeup/
why do i want makeup??
because everyone else wears it??
only like two people i love don't wear it. cause they are interested in fashion more, and one is sporty.
then what does that make me?? just some vain girl who doesn't have the money to show it???!!
i don't understand, i don't understand....
i think i just wanna feel special~~but the people who i wanted to be special for were not together on the day of the dance so I felt a little left out listening them talk despite the fact that i'd had a good night too~~
oh and when all my friends wear makeup, i feel like im at a disadvantage...it's not like that im talking about hte change in looks but the fact that by wearing makeup they're saying they're avaible for boys...like if a cute guy did walk by when we're out in the mall he would think i were wearing makeup too only it didn't make any difference on me or i didn't care enough to even try.
being a girl is complicated~~
I think all but two of my friends have crushes, some possible, some impossible~but I have none (well one that is just for fun basically)...
I would want to dress up for a guy, but there are no guys in my school I would earnestly want to chase...Grrr. Honestly I didn't go because I was scared I'd feel like I was a poser...because wearing a dress and dancing for three hours in a room full of strangers and weak aquaintances not me....
Or is it?
I've never tried.
I hope that, just this time, I wasn't self-limiting myself. the decision to not go the dance was made when i was 16, which sounded young/
now that im 17 i realize it is.
looking at the pictures no one looks very old despite dresses and makeup. but neither do i.
today will continue to go down in confusion i know.
the only good point was the things that i did that were purely me: running, talking, and getting free stuff (food and keychain). ^^
Please please I hope everyone understands I don't mean to be a butt by not going to the dance, but because now I want to, but never had a dress or people to go for, yet the experience might have been enough. :(
so here's my question for you, WHY DO YOU WEAR/DON'T WEAR MAKEUP?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Bday ^^ How it went

hihih!! :) (haha im not just saying my username, i am salutating everyone ><)
guess what now??
I'm seventeen!!
Remember how you looked at those Seventeen magazines and thought how old and mature seventeen year olds are? Looking up to movie stars and following dramatic makeup trends?
Haha, then that magazine should be called never!
Needless to say i love looking at makeup but no way am copying their trends; i've got no need to pretend.
because of seventeen, i feel waay older, wiser, and free (well im the oldest of my friends so they always go into shock when I turn the age above them haha) Do you guys always feel so much different and older when you have your birthday? 
Anyways, I had a really really good day and the best part is that it's still going.
My birthday was on a monday so I didn't really celebrate it (school day lol your pants off)
However I did get lots of good presents!! haha ^^
I never get to buy anything. So when my friend gave me a $25 gift card I almost couldn't accept it! But once i saw the joke on the back-"you have to take us shopping now!"-i knew that i would be the happiest if I shared it all!! :)
Then later at night I got a mysterious phone call from my friend. Minutes later, there was a knock on my door. Surprise!! I got a new thai bag from her and sweater and lots and lots of food (LOL) ^^.
Beyond getting gifts is just the feeling of getting older and freer, and well wishes from everyone. ^^ That day you know who really loves you and who doesn't, and that makes you cherish the people who do even more. ^^
Oh yeah I got a backpack from my parents to use when we go to Australia...
and that's why I say my birthday's still going, I'm probably going to get presents "for my birthday" up until I end up in Australia because my uncle has lots of electronics and would be happy to give me his old ones. ^^ hopefully a camera because i love taking photos !! (and i know YOU all do TOO camwhores!!^^jk)

It was a sunny sunny day and so warm, and I was so happy~~! I hope this feeling lasts all week!! ;)
THANK YOU FOR JUST READING cause im happy just to have a blog ^^
xox, hihihi ^^