Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Bday ^^ How it went

hihih!! :) (haha im not just saying my username, i am salutating everyone ><)
guess what now??
I'm seventeen!!
Remember how you looked at those Seventeen magazines and thought how old and mature seventeen year olds are? Looking up to movie stars and following dramatic makeup trends?
Haha, then that magazine should be called never!
Needless to say i love looking at makeup but no way am copying their trends; i've got no need to pretend.
because of seventeen, i feel waay older, wiser, and free (well im the oldest of my friends so they always go into shock when I turn the age above them haha) Do you guys always feel so much different and older when you have your birthday? 
Anyways, I had a really really good day and the best part is that it's still going.
My birthday was on a monday so I didn't really celebrate it (school day lol your pants off)
However I did get lots of good presents!! haha ^^
I never get to buy anything. So when my friend gave me a $25 gift card I almost couldn't accept it! But once i saw the joke on the back-"you have to take us shopping now!"-i knew that i would be the happiest if I shared it all!! :)
Then later at night I got a mysterious phone call from my friend. Minutes later, there was a knock on my door. Surprise!! I got a new thai bag from her and sweater and lots and lots of food (LOL) ^^.
Beyond getting gifts is just the feeling of getting older and freer, and well wishes from everyone. ^^ That day you know who really loves you and who doesn't, and that makes you cherish the people who do even more. ^^
Oh yeah I got a backpack from my parents to use when we go to Australia...
and that's why I say my birthday's still going, I'm probably going to get presents "for my birthday" up until I end up in Australia because my uncle has lots of electronics and would be happy to give me his old ones. ^^ hopefully a camera because i love taking photos !! (and i know YOU all do TOO camwhores!!^^jk)

It was a sunny sunny day and so warm, and I was so happy~~! I hope this feeling lasts all week!! ;)
THANK YOU FOR JUST READING cause im happy just to have a blog ^^
xox, hihihi ^^


  1. Happy belated birthday! ^^

    I'm 18...And still don't feel old! Maybe because I'm one of the youngest in my friendship group! ><

    The oldest friend I have is 28...So I feel like a child compared to him!

    I think a $25 gift card is acceptable :P
    Most of my friends usually spend around $50 - $100 for presents!
    I remember I asked my friend what she wanted for her birthday and she wanted a bronze eyeshadow.
    So hard to pick what colour was the best bronze so I ended up buying her a quad eyeshaow set from Chanel which cost $98 ><"

  2. wow~!! no one spends that much here~perhaps when we're 18 and get jobs/be independant! :) still that is so nice of you for your friend~
    for me, $25 is so much i would feel too guilty to spend it on myself ><
    :) thanks for your point of view ^^


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