Monday, September 19, 2011

grad cruise

Can't believe I'm going to be graduating...
Anyways, the annual graduating class cruise...almost didn't go since I rarely like those hyped up things, I prefer doing things my own way...but I ended up going. I did want to, so I could dress up, but then again, I didn't see how I'd have fun. :P Well I did. It was beyond crazy, let me tell you that. If this is anything what clubbing is like, I am not going. :P I'd never "danced" the way everyone did on the cruise-jam packed like sardines and sweaty, throwing fists up like we're catching money falling from the sky and being dirty. Not naming any names. >:( Worse, I let a guy slow dance with me. I know, not dirty at all, it's okay to dance with your classmates...We had to do that in gym class. But I let him...he said "you don't have to if you don't want to." I felt drunk, even though I wasn't and never will be, so out of context, that I just wanted to be cared about. So yeah...I slow danced with this guy I rarely see around school and hopefully never see again. He put our hands in the right positions for a slow dance and I acted like I wanted it. He put his chin on my head so I put my head on his chest...All the while staring at the opposite wall and never looking into his eyes once since we were both doing it as peers and didn't want him  to get the wrong message. He was just a flirter or gay kind of gccuy and I was tired and wanted to lean against somewhere, so no lines were crossed. Ahaha anyways undoubtly now you are thinking what a loser i am...yeah I'm really seventeen and that was as real as a slow dance i ever had. :P But I knew it was fake so I'm still waiting for the real thing. ;)
The cruise left me feeling dirty from the body-throwing kind of dancing, the slow dance was actually more pure as it meant nothing while throwing your body is obviously trying to attract attention...

hihihi ^^ <3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

latest night out~12

maybe i'll update this blog once in a while, maybe not, just for personal rememberance of random things. <3
gr 12 has come, that's the final highschool year in canada, after that i'm an adult <3
finally finally i am getting the university vibes again, where i dream of decorating and living in my own cozy university dorm or apartment or at least studying studiously but cozily at university <3 our local university is renowned AND beautiful and it's the best school you could wish for. If only I knew what to study~~i want to learn about forests and maybe nature, but i also have a modern side, where i'd love to run an accessories store, since i already like to make jewelry~~
yesterday was my latest night out with friends, came home at like 12:20 am, probably early for some >< But my parents are very protective and for a good reason, a little boy went missing but now he's found. So these things do happen but i was around friends and family/couple crowds the whole time and got a ride home half way from a funny friend <3 It's so sad and heartbreaking to not be able to talk to some of my friends because they've paired up, but at the same time when I look at them occasionally (I want to give them privacy and I have to enjoy my life, too, as a partying girl ;)) they are so deeply in love I forgive them.Ahaha since my friends and I are not lesbian, I guess the guys will have to give them the love and company I can't give.
But having said that, after seeing true love, it makes me appreciate being a girl that much more. i went with my other friend and we looked over ALLLLL the cute stuff we could in that time!! We went to a night market and it was FILLLED with asian goodies. I bough a pencil case, funny earphones for my bro's bday, and some cheap jewelry (for when i get my ears pierced! :)) Funnily enough the earrings I bought came in a set of three, a heart, a bow, a ring. I think that when i feel romantic and have found my guy I will wear these. Right now, though, I'm only looking for friendship. THEN i can look for love.
No, before I look for love I have to look for my future--that's what i realized a few days ago. :) I'm in gr 12, where my future takes me is where I will most likely meet a compatible guy, and dayyyumm he will be sexy because he will be my type. :)
and where is my future taking me? I hope uni, so I'm going to work hard, and probably in a social studies/science cross (ie educating people about nature), working about sustainability with accessory stores to make jewelry a bit earth friendlier, or maybe just doing odd freelance art jobs too (as if i can draw that well though....:P I must make up a few form of art so that I can make it only, and they'll be no one in my field so ill be the pro ;)))
and to my bro: you don't know this blog exsists right? Good because I got you PILL headphones called Headphones from Sundries DRUGS, because I think you are always on drugs You know, because you are so crazy.
Well it's nice to have type-able thoughts once in a while rather than depressing beauty-asian-boy-social status-money-failing grad obsessed thoughts. and it's all because of the magic of good friends <3
tl, ks, os, cp, and all your "attachements" ;) <3
hihihi <3
PS I do post quite a lot about asian beauty supplies like eyelashes and BOY were there a lot of tempting cheap eyelashes. But...They were boring. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

the best days

3 hr summer school? that's nothing, nothing at all. not with the sun shining in your eyes. not with a cute guy so close to you. not with one of your best friends right next to you. Not when you actually enjoy writing essays about things that matter to you. no, all this was heaven. all of it.
heaven. so that's what it's like. wearing shorts everyday. running to school but knowing you wont be penalized for being late. 15 minute breaks where everything happens. In class essays where you pour your heart out. Being free. Being me.
Somethings happened for sure. I felt so included maybe I never wanted to leave that microcosm. I still remember going to out of town malls. feeling like a rat in a maze. feeling like i had to jump off of everything to get rid of the energy. feeling a tiny bit of pride of being size 0 and a glimpse of the future in that beautiful, $300+ dress...and feeling hope, or craziness, but also jealousy that my other friend was more friendly with my best friend than she was with me because they were going to school, seeing each other everyday together. I didn't know which, the poles had been reversed.
But leave I had to , and now it's equipped me to go anywhere.
Do anything.
Even english 12 exams of doom.
Thanks english 12, mr b and ks and sa and all the others I truly love.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

byebye summer

the summer has ended.
I'm planning my first outfit back to school--something i've never done.
but i've never been a gr 12 either before, too.
oh fck, all the hot boys that i met and love, the love that will die down once i get buried under studying, the dreams that will follow me around like sheepy clouds following a storm.
wish me luck.
and good luck to u all 
hihihi ^^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

yesterday with friends

(necklace i made and sold to my friend for $2...not for anyone else...^^)

environment statement jewelry i made and sold all to my friends for $3...
the fake eyelashes that i made from moving, cutting and combining bornpretty eyelashes ^^

OMG what the heck happened....
I feel sort of distant..
I think one of my friends looked for my support, and i looked for her support, but all i wanted to do so badly was get out of there.
get out and go play with my summer school friends, or do homework by myself.
just kidding...
i really enjoyed my friend's company,
the main purpose (watching 6 hrs of anime) was what fucked it up.
i just cannot stand hours of shallow, non-activity, and i felt sick from sitting so long trying to understand the plot.
but my friend and I did a makeover haha. i did her nails artistically too. :)
She doesn't need any fancy tricks to make me/herself look pretty good.
By then though I don't have a care for makeup so I didn't really care if she messed up. It was all in good fun.
She really liked the lower lashes I made from NYC lashes that I bought for really cheap on bornpretty ( i could tell and the upper lashes is stacked together, also from bornpretty. ^^
omg lol and finally i made almost $17, should be $22 once someone pays me, selling my necklaces etc. really cheap to my friends. i'm so happy they love them. ^^
so, you win some, you lose some,
hold onto the happy parts,
let the sad/mad parts go and learn from them.
k...I'm still sort of mad actually since i got yelled at for coming home so late to watch TV >:(....
hihih <3 ^^
Do you ever wanna escape a situation when your friends want to do something but not u?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


today was the yearend dance recital and i am going to be so sad. :(
cause now that I'm in gr 11...the grade above me is the graduating grade and they will go. :(
the pictures will not be enough.
and, i will miss dance.
to take dance away from me, would take away who i am. and to give it to me, makes me feel like the luckiest child on earth.
i'm only in my second year of dance but have dreamed of wanting for it, of trying for it, for my whole life.
i had times of stagefright today which i'm sorry for but overall--i just fell into the music.
it moved me so much and i just couldn't stop.
my parents didn;t come cause it was 'expensive'. but my friend and her mom did, since she knows someone else in it too. ^^ i was really glad. :) we talked about DIYing dresses in the intermission; i wish i were as knowledgeable as she is. ^^ i said i would wear something outlandish to grad, something i would make, hopefully. or some cheap dress. :)
also this year the recital was more relaxed--which was why i got stagefright because nothing was prepared, last minute, and not even taped to make it official.
so yep, that ends my year 11 dance year, and the last contact with my trio (they're from a different school and a lot younger), and the beginning of a new beginning starts tomorrow. (the final day of school which is for signing yearbooks etc.)
oh god
i feel like i'm jumping into thin air, leaping over the last arc of sunshine and into the penumbra of a new world. (i like how i threw those words around like i know what they mean...I'm getting straightened up for english summer school)
Grade twelve, and my final educational achievements in all areas before graduating--here i am, and here i come.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i feel blessed in nature

my best friends and three boys went to a hiking trip yesterday to a valley! In there is a suspension bridge (that crosses an immensely deep canyon with swiftly flowing water--watch out!) and muddy trails. ;) Thank god my friend had been there many times cause I swear we didn't follow any trails half the time and jumped over roots and puddles and climbed wooden stairs instead. ;) We went for a steady 2-3 hours and were tired but excited to find a covered area for lunch. ^^ we all exchanged food. ;) It was pouring rain by then and we waited it out before continuing. ;) After the hike, we bussed to some malls to use the giftcard my friend gave me. However it was an expensive store and I couldn't split it, much less anything. 
A much better store was H&M. Though I disliked the loud music and crowds, there were some good deals. I really regret not buying some chain accessory that was on sale for $2--chain is expensive for some reason and i wanted a token of that store--it was very fashionable although the amount of styles was overwhelming and not organized by style, but price. ^^ in contrast, the last store we went to was so ridiculously expensive it made me want to puke. $25 000 for one piece of clothing. :P
However, I gathered lots of inspiration (from the cheaper stores!!!) since their trends are actually wearable and i love them. :) I even met a classmate there and i was so happy to see her again. ^^Maybe I have no money but being at a store and seeing my friends makes me happy enough! ^^
All in all, we had lots of fun ;) the boys were funny which is what i like, but sometimes my girl friends go overboard for them.  i know who we are, since we've seen each other at our bored-est state at school, and they're not as airheaded as she acts (one's top student after all) ^^ but i still love her and wished we had a girl's only moment so she didn't have to act. Was the guy's fault for being  a tease lol though.

hihihi <3 ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

what makes me happy :) looking forward to summer

we were little kids, who had dreams.
we were little kids, who grew up.
we grew up, but where went the dreams?

to me, it seems that the dreams i had as a kid were the realest dreams. cause then i was not influenced by advertisements/sexy ads/pressure as much. 
back then all thinking was my own. :) 
and now i'm realizing, they still are. :)
the last two days were some of the best days of my life since australia. :) cause those two days i was praised and  made a different and strengthened bonds, and explored my creative side.
to me, that is what makes me happy. ;)
for the first good day, it was dance. :) i danced particularly well, better than i had before. :) it doesn't mean i'm a natural, it means that if you work hard enough you will improve. :) and haha my dance teacher said i had nice leg muscles ^^ which was a funny compliment because i never though so and don't play any sports!! haha  it was also fun learning a new dance for the year end recital.
for the second day i worked with my best friends on a school art project. we had to design the art project ourselves. i was so proud of how much we accomplished and how we designed it ourselves. :) the private feeling of accomplishment within our circle of friends was appreciated since almost all my friends have boyfriends now; we don't have "girl's only" outings anymore; boys are always included (heehee-not always a bad thing^^ though last time the boys wouldn't go into the clothing stores)
i do wish there was a boy i could identify with though...lately the only boy who i could like has gone anime crazy and is scaring me...i thought he was a gentlemen, but not anymore. >< i want a fun, joking guy that's not flaky and maybe asian. ^^
for the first time (in a long time) we also did each other's hair...even my short short hair that my mom won't let me grow out. maybe this summer i will...
this summer...
i will finish english summer school,
hopefully go on lots of trips with friends,
go out with family,
dance for fun ^^ (my mom is threatening to not let me dance next year...FOR NO REASON AT ALL except that she dislikes me doing it!!! >:(   ) with friends a bit with the giftcard my friend gave me for my bday.
hope to take lots of pictures, learn a lot, get to know more people and get to know those i love better. :)
oh yeah, since i'm on the internet and not my journal ^^,  i won himeko's giveaway!! ^^     i will be giving the items to my asian-style loving friend 'o'. ^^ just yesterday she was talking about coloured lenses  and double eyelid tape. haha i said, i won some! ^^
but i love my friend the way she is, she is naturally gorgeous ^^
i also won a contest for canadians from a popular brand, p&g, with $90 worth of 3 skin products :o somehow i am lucky ^^
hope to be lucky all summer. ^^ and and and best of all saturday i am going on a hiking trip with my friends!! and guys too..haha can't wait~~LOVE the outdoors!!
hihihi <3

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer karma

so, as you know, i dont buy anything unless it's on sale.
on a super sale.

anyways, a few days ago my mom's friend came over. i love her. she is really nice. :) and she also brought some old clothes, as always, cause al my clothes are hand me downs (lol). at least i'm environmentally friendly. :) 
and personally she brought in a verrry cute black sweatshirt with a printed hoodie ^^ 
but moreover, one of the pockets of the clothes had the above product inside. ;) 
the sheseido spf 45 foundation stick in ochre (~$30!!!) $30!! wow!!
it smells like sunscreen a lot, which reminded me of summer.
i love summer!! 
also there were $7 in another pocket!!!! my mom NEVER gives me money other than a few dollars so this is  lucky~ and this time i used the money for my family and me. ^^ i bought some foot cream for my mom, freezies for everyone in the hot weather 

Monday, June 6, 2011

ahhh boys....

ahhhhh boys...
can't live with or without them.
your brothers, they're annoying.
your guy friends, they're the best
and the ones you're crushing on, they're the same ones.
haha...well today almost officially two of my three friends have boyfriends...i could tell my third friend was really rattled. which is weird cause she's the hottest of us all, she always used to tell us stories about guys in her homeland who thought she was an actor haha. ;) i love her. and i can't believe that she was talking that way. well guess i was too cause i had to comfort her by pretending to feel the same way. I do, except i'm not that keen on actually getting a boyfriend while my friend seems to require one. :)
but i love her so much!! we just had a little walk just the two of us while our two other friends sat and ate lunch together. ><
why can't i access her??!! why do we have to talk about boys and mention dating at the same time?? what happened to only noticing a boy for his good looks or good character...:(
well i guess this is growing year we will graduate and....oh....
anyways, on a lighter note, i bought some lace. it's green cause there was no white and it was dirt cheap >< i'm glad i didn't give away all my beauty supplies to friends because now i can do lace nails >< they're drying right now but once im done i'll give u a DIY! ^^ they're sooo cute ><
i think too many people, including me, try to grow up with makeup, but no, growing up is nuturing what's inside, this is what i learned. for so long i couldn't wait to feel the brush of mascara against my eyelashes, now i know the creation of creativity and expressing it in dance or art is way more potent than anything makeup can bring.
>< none of you have me on facebook of course but my status was that all girls were prettier without makeup >< makeup is only good when u already have a boy u like or for creative practice. ^^

my question to you is,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

successful, fun weekend ^^!!!

whoo~~!! guess what? i just had the best weekend ever. it's finally summer time so u can wear shorts, finally one's legs don't have to be trapped!!
i spent my weekend with a bunch of loser (don't tell them) who were the best volunteer partners ever!!! haha jkjk i love them. :)
anyways, we did everything and anything--from lifting tables, operating gates etc. for our local fair. by the next day my arms were sore >< . but even after working 9 hrs we came back the next day, we really wanted to help again! this time we had to direct traffic, move road blocks, and finally collect all the road blocks. it was definitely hard work, for the road blocks were heavy! However I was so excited to be doing what made my life go on fire last year, that is, jump off trucks to collect things and jump back on!! nothing is more satisfying than helping with friends and being looked on with admiration. ^^
we were rewarded several times. :) mostly with food (donuts, drinks, sanwiches, name it) but in the end the head volunteer gave us free ride tickets, 18 in total. so we sold them all for $12 (waaay cheaper than normal price) and split 4 ways we got $3 each.

let's end this with something sweet cause free is sweet ^^

mint chocolate cookies we got ^^
i must thank all the amazing people i met there...volunteer leader, fair organizer, fair vendor, truck driver, other volunteers, waffle maker ^^
oh, also library always has cheap booksale, i bought many new magazines, so look out for future DIY's ^^ 
thanks for making my weekend!!

hihihi ^^

Thursday, May 26, 2011

grrrrl power

OUR GIRLS GYM CLASS RAISED $1500 FOR CHARITY :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

~senior year's graduation~my idols!^^

wow, what a long day.
from early school to watching the grads more year until it's my turn.
it's quite exciting and frightening actually.
the love that was in the air because of grads, the excitement and fanciness of it...i wanted it all.
i wanted to be celebrated like that ^^
but, some how i was just as happy, even happier, to celebrate pressure on me?
two of my friends wore makeup for the special occasion...i wish i did too, not because im vain but because i know i deserved it...taking pictures with the graduates, looking their best, i shouldn't look like i didn't take the time to care (even my mom said so).
anyways, they were beautiful~~^^ well they always are!! I love some of the grads so much and i wish they wouldn't leave!
however i can't wait to go dress shopping ^^and that general stuff with my friends. and....guys. last year dress shopping was an all girls activity, now with the addition of boyfriends and crushes it's a girl-guy thing.
will i want a boyfriend??
sure everyone has their "crushes" but i don't think they're suitable for longterm, just as a fun hang-out-with.
well i hope buddies are long term-ers...cause then i can get to know them better to see if i really like them~ ^^
anyways, yesterday i posted some friend pictures up on facebook of us camwhoring while dress shopping.
okay, so they weren't really that camwhore photos, just more camwhore than casual, and it felt liberating. you see i never post camwhore photos. im afraid someone will think im vain or its really a embarrassing picture.but since my friends are in it, its a picture of love, not vanity. i wish i realized that earlier, no camwhore photo is without the love and support of its audience ^^ thanks for teaching me that, blogging people ^^
lastly, there's a really asian night market opening up for the summer weekends and i really wanna go...i must go! next weekend!! hahahaha ^^
MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: HOW WAS YOUR GRAD? (Any grad...elementary, middle, highschool, uni...^^)
xox, hihihi

Friday, April 29, 2011

the dance day

from waking up, 7:00, to about now, 7:30, it's been a long day. i had to spend lots of extra time at my dance competition because i was getting a ride with someone who had an earlier competition than me (thanks!!!!:)
and...oh god. it was too long...cause by my turn i only wanted to get it over it. i still remember last year, my legs were weak, but i was so into the music it was a part of me. this year, i wasn't scared, just tired, and because i didn't have proper footwear, danced rather poorly compared to usually. i was slipping all over the place. luckily, overall, our trio got silver (that's better than bronze but no where as excellent as gold) and we got little teddy bearsfor them since we were a beginner group! (how cute)
it's been a suuuper long day...despite all the makeup i bought, i still sucked. i wish i didn't buy. i don't know how to use a pencil, i draw it on so thick it looks bad. maybe i just need liquid liner, since you can go no where as thin with a  pencil (my dance mate used liquid) however it was much better than showing up with nothing. i had to borrow my friend's mascara too and one from ardene (it is only in canada/us??please tell me if you know this store!!). ardene sells wonderful girly things and i love it (it's one of the main reasons why i would want my ears pierced...sooo cute earrings!) for example, super cute rainbow lipgloss and really great eyeshadow: (haha i will buy these if i ever get the chance!!! they are too cute) however, their mascara isn't so great. but they sell for $3.50, so i guess that's cheap. mine says "double volume" and another says "extra curl" but i doubt it, since "double volume" didn't do anything except make your eyelashes black, and maybe add a bit of length/clump. the problem is that there is almost nothing on the thick but sparse bristles, and what there is clumps, but doesn't stick to the roots of your lashes (so it looks like you have nothing on...unless you curl your lashesi guess). i put and removed so much makeup i was sick of it. i used to think makeup would be great, but now...i think i need to buy something more expensive or just give up. however bad the ardene mascara is, im quite happy because it looks nice, and i love ardene (though ive never bought anything from it before) personally, my makeup would only have to look nice ie. rainbow colours. im an artist/child at heart.
the best dance was to i wish i were that good!^^

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i dance.
not really.
i mean i do, but i'm not very good at it. :/ haha
anyways, i have this competition tomorrow; and i haven'tbeen really stressed about it until now.
i mean it's only for fun right?
ihad to borrow almost everything-tights, foot undies (that's what you wear to protect the soles of your feet), mascara, foundation. i was so scared i wouldnt have everything i needed but at the last moment i did.
cause that competition is tomorrow!! and i just got everything i still haven't got my dress yet (ill get that tomorrow) it all feels verylast minute and rushed,,,not to mention my actual dancingabilities haha!
lol im so scared i dont even want to have to pay extra attention to another detail like makeup haha...that's big!
anyways, i hope you wish me luck. cause i want more of it haha ^^whether or not you've danced, it's the feeling of being on stage and pouring yourheart out that should be commended.
and grrr, i can't even practice before because my room is full of people (my brother haha) so i guess ill just wing it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

cute products in real life!--->

Ahhh....What cute products you say? Let me get there. ^^
Yesterday I went to the mall to see a super funny magic/circus show. It was so cute seeing the little kids so engaged. It was so great I was laughing nonstop throughout both shows! Somehow a guy ate a balloon. Another guy said he couldn't pronounce the word "balloon" but kept saying: "I can't say balloon, I can only say "bay-loon." The little kids were so enraged that he was saying balloon and wasn't admitting to it!! Easter and magic and balloons...and cuteness all go hand in hand!!

(that's one of them with his 9 foot! )
afterward when i went to lunch with my family still i saw a worker pushing a cart of cakes from a nearby building!! so that's where they're made! haha ^^
she deserves applause! ^^
there were glowsticks on the ground..partying before easter's? haha 

i discovered "dollywink" all over the units at the top of the mall (it's really big) that I never usually go to. (that's mainly the foodcourt level and it's kind of expensive) it was in a store called cube inc. that had a lot of glass units filled with merchandise from a lot of independant sellers. it's a bad thing because i can't see the price, only the product, but each unit is displayed so it's each it's own spotlight. it's funny, i can only find stuff about asian culture on the internet; that's how i saw dollywink. but i saw it in real life, yesterday, and it was like the asian culture that exsisted elsewhere was suddenly here and close to me. quite cool actually. ^^ (in another store i saw on the third floor that also sold dollywink, each pair of fake eyelashes were $20!!! i would never buy!! how much is it in your countries??)
it really was quite fascinating to browse through all the eyelashes and floating lenses that could make your eyes look the same as anyone else's. though, i would never wear contact lenses coloured or not...too scary and don't want to!!
Lastly, i saw Miga's and Quatchi's in a plush animal game machine. poor guys! who is miga and quatchi? why, the olympic mascots for vancouver 2010. ^^
happy easter everyone!! hope you find as much cuteness as i did! ^^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

make up

don't get me wrong, I'm not going to start wearing makeup all the time.
i have always wanted makeup!!
since i'm naturally creative and love textile things...
i couldn't wait to be able to feel makeup and "feel" the colours...
and finally finally finally! after years of waiting...i got a marcelle graphite powder eyeliner for $1!!!!
 there were black eyeliners too but i could only try the powder kind and it was SO SOFT I had to buy...
i have a dance competition coming up (horrible at anything athletic) ^^ and last year I had to borrow eyeliner from a friend since we were supposed to come with our makeup ready and I didn't have any. that was my first taste of makeup and i liked it!!
so now i finally own something magical! ^^
it's so smooth and powdery like soft chalk...^^maybe this once I'll pamper myself haha

hihihi ^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

long time no see ^^

hi!'s been almost a month since i blogged. and it's not like i blogged much in between.
i love blogs
but making one~~nah.
maybe during the summer. :)
but for now...
i'll let life flows as it does...
and continue reading all of your blogs, i always find that is much more fun :)
anyways, i do want to point out that i went to australia and it is an amazing place. so please visit there if possible.
Well, i guess i should say a little about my trip.
first of all, i had no internet/computers for most of the trip and while it was a nice treat i realized i really didn't need it. not always anyway. just for a treat, catchup with you guys. :)
i had a lot more fun in real life.
yes, it was mostly visiting my mom's relatives and yawning at fancy restaurants but the shopping and people were good too, as was the scenery. ^^
in fact, I got beautiful flats (that's those flat, ballet-type shoes...what do you guys call them?) for $3, and shorts for $2.50 (but bad quality pictures haha...see below)
 $3 (looks like real leather,,,really!!) 
$1!! So good quality!! 
so girly right? haha
i like it 
and i've never had anything this girly in my life before, cause it costs too much. ^^ 
oh and one more picture///for the summer time...

icecream necklace!!
they are very mini...i made them last year when i wanted to start a business selling my mini food. i didn't haha but i made tons of earrings///made me feel weird/sad because my ears are not pierced so i cannot wear my own art, only others can for a price haha :) 

anyways...keep writing awesome blogs!! ^^ and thanks for inspiring me to try to make one..but im off on blog-vacation now until maybe the summer or just be a reader forever~~!!
australia: a postcard perfect place ^^

PS...I just bought some studs from the thrift store (the kind with foldback prongs that you can insert into clothing...) any project ideas??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

~~back from vacation!!~~^^

wow, it's hard to believe'
it's been two weeks since i first landed in australia...scared of airplanes! i never thought i'd have fun...heat, humidity, strange surroundings. it's taught me i've been too close-minded about life. it's been too long since i travelled! <not april fool's~~^^>
there were ups and downs of course...but best of all i met new people and had new experiences. :) <3
although, personally, it felt like I went to china rather than australia because I spent so much time with chinese relatives at chinese restaurants...
the best parts?
definitely being around my young perverted friend...and being a child again....^^ remember when it was funny to be gross and not be called on it??
on the other hand i also enjoyed being "old"...for the first time i was able to buy some clothes because Kmart was having huge sales...i got shorts for $2.50 and flats for $3...
overall I got the impression that I needed to go out more and try everything, even if I don't like it~ ^^
thank you parents and family for making this all happen~~!!
now, back to regular canada...^^
I got my hello kitty plate in the mail thanks to who mentioned bornprettystore a while back...^^ however I don't have nail stamping tools, although I know people who do. ^^ I want my own!!
(luckily I watched a video on how to use them or else I wouldn't know there was a piece of protective plastic on top I had to peel off before you use the plate...^^)
My room is full of little reminders of these little koala souvenirs~ I wish i could mail one to each and every person who reads this haha! although you might be already from australia...and know they are quite cheap (.50 each haha)...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


can't believe i actually got complimented in dance for looking like i was totally into it. the only other comment i get is that i jump really really high. other than that, saying i'm good at dance isn't right.
life's good, australia in two days~!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

indoor rock climbing heaven

* i want to post some pictures of my presents/creations...tomorrow!!*

its a busy week as australia trip comes closer (3 more days!)...
friday, self defence seminar ^^ afterwards, we saw people playing hockey in the dark to loud music, it was so typically canadian---> i miss the olympics and the joy they brought, must try playing hockey at night too. ^^
saturday, helped out with a friend and ended up spending four hours out  even though I was swamped with homework laughing about trying to enter an ipad contest (maybe win? will we split the prize? crack the ipad in two??^^)...
monday, today, indoor rockclimbing with my school girl's gym class...
so amazing. there's no good or bad, it's always good when you really get into it, put your all.
the people at the rockclimbing place were so inspiring and funny and encouraging.
some of the guys were very buff (haha...wait til i tell my friendies ^^) despite not caring about guys, it was hard not to notice and like...
and everyone was so encouraging too. i reached the top of all the walls i climbed. i watched people almost make it and cheered for them too. hearing all the people cheer for me as i climbed was the best. ^^ have to trust your belayer and i did, though it was hard at first! though knowing you are safe helped me climb since i know i can just make a leap for the next handhold and always be safe.
to make it harder/easier there are colours on the handholds so you can try to stick to only one colour and get up...two stories legs were always shaking as i reached the ground quickly and my forearms so tight because i was so tense!
how to say no to adrenaline? last year and two years before that i went snowboarding and it's the same feeling...only indoor rockclimbing is more safe and warm haha ^^
as always i took tons of the freebies...a temporary tatoo and 3 stickers...haha. does anyone else have that habit? taking everything free as a memento?
oh and thanks to elisa at i got my free born pretty rhinestones. ^^ they are so beautiful and shiny to look at.
im making a mini icecream cone right now for my friend's bday, maybe i'll put some mini rhinestones on it? yay ^^
soo random post sorry.
i encourage you to try indoor rock climbing. whatever happens, you will end up with experience. ^^
xox, hihihi

Thursday, March 10, 2011

so confused

so yesterday was the school dance but i didn't go. the people who i really wanted to go with weren't going. it seemed only for a select few, and the tickets didn't even sell out: the cool and the wannabes.
so no, i dun really want to go to the dance.
but i did want to wear a dress~~!! some people bought $100 dresses just for the ocassion. of course no one went without makeup. why~~!!! why must I feel this way~~usually I'm tomboy-ish but at the same time love dresses~~and dressing up~~~
i am so confused~~!!!
well first of all I don't even have a dress :( however my dance costume this year is one so I will have one dress.
>< (i started a year ago and i am the worst dancer on earth lol!!!!)
and I own no makeup/
why do i want makeup??
because everyone else wears it??
only like two people i love don't wear it. cause they are interested in fashion more, and one is sporty.
then what does that make me?? just some vain girl who doesn't have the money to show it???!!
i don't understand, i don't understand....
i think i just wanna feel special~~but the people who i wanted to be special for were not together on the day of the dance so I felt a little left out listening them talk despite the fact that i'd had a good night too~~
oh and when all my friends wear makeup, i feel like im at a's not like that im talking about hte change in looks but the fact that by wearing makeup they're saying they're avaible for if a cute guy did walk by when we're out in the mall he would think i were wearing makeup too only it didn't make any difference on me or i didn't care enough to even try.
being a girl is complicated~~
I think all but two of my friends have crushes, some possible, some impossible~but I have none (well one that is just for fun basically)...
I would want to dress up for a guy, but there are no guys in my school I would earnestly want to chase...Grrr. Honestly I didn't go because I was scared I'd feel like I was a poser...because wearing a dress and dancing for three hours in a room full of strangers and weak aquaintances not me....
Or is it?
I've never tried.
I hope that, just this time, I wasn't self-limiting myself. the decision to not go the dance was made when i was 16, which sounded young/
now that im 17 i realize it is.
looking at the pictures no one looks very old despite dresses and makeup. but neither do i.
today will continue to go down in confusion i know.
the only good point was the things that i did that were purely me: running, talking, and getting free stuff (food and keychain). ^^
Please please I hope everyone understands I don't mean to be a butt by not going to the dance, but because now I want to, but never had a dress or people to go for, yet the experience might have been enough. :(
so here's my question for you, WHY DO YOU WEAR/DON'T WEAR MAKEUP?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Bday ^^ How it went

hihih!! :) (haha im not just saying my username, i am salutating everyone ><)
guess what now??
I'm seventeen!!
Remember how you looked at those Seventeen magazines and thought how old and mature seventeen year olds are? Looking up to movie stars and following dramatic makeup trends?
Haha, then that magazine should be called never!
Needless to say i love looking at makeup but no way am copying their trends; i've got no need to pretend.
because of seventeen, i feel waay older, wiser, and free (well im the oldest of my friends so they always go into shock when I turn the age above them haha) Do you guys always feel so much different and older when you have your birthday? 
Anyways, I had a really really good day and the best part is that it's still going.
My birthday was on a monday so I didn't really celebrate it (school day lol your pants off)
However I did get lots of good presents!! haha ^^
I never get to buy anything. So when my friend gave me a $25 gift card I almost couldn't accept it! But once i saw the joke on the back-"you have to take us shopping now!"-i knew that i would be the happiest if I shared it all!! :)
Then later at night I got a mysterious phone call from my friend. Minutes later, there was a knock on my door. Surprise!! I got a new thai bag from her and sweater and lots and lots of food (LOL) ^^.
Beyond getting gifts is just the feeling of getting older and freer, and well wishes from everyone. ^^ That day you know who really loves you and who doesn't, and that makes you cherish the people who do even more. ^^
Oh yeah I got a backpack from my parents to use when we go to Australia...
and that's why I say my birthday's still going, I'm probably going to get presents "for my birthday" up until I end up in Australia because my uncle has lots of electronics and would be happy to give me his old ones. ^^ hopefully a camera because i love taking photos !! (and i know YOU all do TOO camwhores!!^^jk)

It was a sunny sunny day and so warm, and I was so happy~~! I hope this feeling lasts all week!! ;)
THANK YOU FOR JUST READING cause im happy just to have a blog ^^
xox, hihihi ^^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


how is everyone???
it's finally beginning to get sunny again <3
anyways...because today was so sunny although not as warm...i went for a run!
no...I'm not a marathon runner! a run that we do in class, only 6 minutes, is long enough for me. Lol. But it's a good, heartfelt run, like ur happy you have legs that can run, not like a lame, mandatory run, like you'd rather be doing a math test. the kind that makes you happy and tired at the same time, but not too tired, just pushing it a little. ahaha well it point is, it felt really good!! because i know im really happy when I want to run...and i haven't for 3 months since winter began!! It's never mandatory to do the six min run in school...I just do so because I want to but haven t since now!
Well usually, at least for the past three years I've been able to go snowboarding but my parents said no this year, that it was too dangerous...and I felt so cold and depressed I didn't even care...that I didn't realize just how bad off I was. Snowboarding was MY LIFE!!!! Even though I had only gone five times...and I didn't even care that I wasn't going this winter??? WHAT THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH ME??
The cold, the lack of sunshine. I'd forgotten what winter really meant cause i had nothing to remind me of it, but now i do. :)

hihihi <3 ^^

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Night Out

yesterday was my first night out!! And it was weird and wonderful. :)
I have to say...
it was nothing like i expected.
i mean i didn't know how to expect really, first of all haha!!
but anyway...
it was a dark and rainy night! literally!
and we walked and walked and walked! (and saved bus fares) I actually enjoyed the walking soo much! taking life slowly, moment by moment...
we went skating first!
i was really really mad at someone because she was the only one who wanted to go and it was so so expensive!! more expensive than my dinner!! but she huffed off and paid for her skating. so we all had to follow. i mean, everyone knows you can't pay to have friends right??? geesh.
 in the end it was okay but not worth $7!!
afterwards we headed to the mall next door. still sales haha!! us girls swarmed to the clothes sales while the guys stood at the door haha. poor guys. didn't care though, geeze, I'm a girl and all my clothes are hand me downs. I should at least have the right to browse. craziest of all, at one shop everything was $5!!!!!! and it was an expensive, fashion shop!!!  my friend and i wanted to buy...but lineups soo long!! urrgh even leggings, of all colours, were $2.50!!
the best part of the trip was probably the dinner though...after skating and mall and walking 6 blocks we were starving!! we went to a new, asian maid cafe. the waitresses there were really cute! pink/black sailor outfits. we ordered our asian meals. funny, because i eat asian meals all the time. i asked for a sandwich, some of the only non-asian choices, but the maid said only for lunchtime. too bad! the atmosphere at the cafe was sooo private and peaceful; i loved it. ;) Plus we got free tea as a part of the promotion~a caucasian guy said it was too sweet but i don't really think so!! it's just like asian coco cola. i hate coke!! but love bubble tea!! haha :)
im not going to lie...i am cheap, i don't really get money, so i ordered the cheapest meal...$5.20. it turned out actually very big!! so big i couldn't finish it haha :) but it was very good, hot, and even came with spiced eggs and generous amounts of meat and noodles. i was almost scared because it only said "dry noodle with meat sauce" on top~i thought it was only that. but no, worth my money. plus, the free drinks were at least $4!! so, balances out with the extra money spent on skating. The drinks were so amusing too! we ordered black, apple, lychee, and strawberry green/black teas...they were delicious and wacky colours and fitted the modern, fun atmosphere! ahh...what a cozy place, when i go on my first date i will bring someone there haha :)
after that we went to another mall..this time an asian mall...everywhere is chinese new years things!!! seeing the familiar sights made me joyful. and eating food so late had made me everything else is a blur and so slooow...
we missed so many busses we had to stay out until 10, my i got very worried my parents would get mad...because it was my first time out so late...but no one else cared so i was stuck in bad situation. but not my fault i am so protected and so think this way!!
we ended up waiting in a casino lobby. it was sooo weird and i hated the place. everyone there so old and ugly and rich and wasting life. i said if i ever wasted myself like that, shoot me! not really but i would never use their flat escalator!! the horror!! no wonder why everyone there so fat and old, they can't even walk on flat ground by themselves!!
which reminds me...
all my friends were wearing makeup expect me!!! D:
at this age...when you start wearing makeup...i know it's to impress...but obviously when you are all friends you don't need it made me unfortable. i want to tell them, you don't need makeup! you all so gorgeous au natural!! but i didn't. because maybe that's only how i think. i want to be gorgeous without makeup first. then beyond gorgeous when i do have it on. not impress only when i have makeup. when we got home, i had a big talk with my mom about it. she thinks only old women should wear makeup so cover up their flaws from age and that young girls have nothing to hide...:)
and i basically went to bed when i got home...tired tired tired but happy at the interesting day. :)
wouldn't mind going to maid cafe with my parents even, it's so private!! but too expensive for the entire family la. ;) the price would be like eating at a buffet without as much food...
PS Can't wait til new year's and my mom's birthday...what will i give her???
Sorry no pictures...cause i wasn't allowed to bring my not-waterproof and expensive camera in the rain!
xox, hihihi ^^

Thursday, January 20, 2011


hi guys!
say hi to my new necklace ^^
it's only the 100th of many that i made for the season ^^
it's still cold here! brrr. it used to be a jingle bell for christmas but now it's an ~icicle~
the princess style chain was $2 (expensive?!?) from daiso (my fav, cheap store heehee, just my right price point)
however it came with nothing (sadly! it was actually a eyeglasses chain??) so I attach whatever i want to it when i feel like it. 

~never melting icicle!!~
 it's only an empty pencil lead container! but i love novelty stationaries so i kept it!~actually i just found it, i love finding things! cause i am so good at losing things probably heehee
today i was going to visit the shoe store one more time because i thought maybe i would buy $5 flats for special occasions (i really only have running shoes...) but too tired/lazy/cold after the pool for school...maybe tomorrow!
will you make a never melting icicle pendant?~tell me what else you would make a necklace with!
may your spirits and dreams never melt too~~!!
xox, hihihi ^^

Monday, January 17, 2011


i confess...
ive never gone out at night before!! except with family and only a few times that I can remember recently.
AND I have just been offered the chance!!!!
You much my parents would freak out if they knew...and how they will say I am too young, blahblahblah...but, who wants to be an adult without even going out once with just friends???
Yes I have been feeling jealous lately. ^^ but jealousy anchors me to reality so quite happy actually.
i just told about everyone i thought would appreciate about the shoe sale and everyone says, GO BUY $5 heels you need them~~and hey, i will buy a pair for myself right now too ty!!
(lol...even my mom was regretful of not buying the $5 rocketdogs...and she doesn't spend money on clothes...)
oh~~what do I do???
just going out of school today to participate in a school environment talk at another school with friends made me so happy!! i love going out!! it makes me feel a part of the world and like im making a difference! not to my own selfish needs.
grrr even dumber I keep thinking about those someone else will buy them and not me even though they look so good on me. :(
ahaha but also making me happy, a different friend said we should go window shopping for dresses etc. together. i say yes~!! what girl does not like window shopping. it's not the buying of the dress...its the knowing u look fabulous in one and even better no one else can afford it anyway haha...:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

good mood

does anyone else check their horoscope? i never did until this week. but its fun~funny~!
tomrrow i know im going shopping with mom but i probably won't be able to hide my camera with me because its only in town! so small oppurtunities, but do not underestimate smallness~haha. ^^ im not very hopeful that i actually grew .5 cm, it was probably because i was wearing socks~oh well, it was cold haha!!
anyways, in town, there is a very good waxer, that i love going to. i used to hate it because i didn't care about looks and it hurt but now it doesn't hurt anymore. instead, the slight stinging sensation is quite relaxing and its very nice to have someone pamper you by paying a small fee. ~now come on, pamper someone you love~it's worth it!!~~i can't wait to give all my friends the rings i made them~

lalala~im just so happy to see that there are still christmas lights up everywhere (bushes, trees, indoors in stores)! ok this was last week but oh well~~it's still nice! now i'll put it here and it'll never go away! 

wala~short post, hope you take my advice and treat someone you love~ 
now im going to run off to try and make an accessory~probably headband~waste my time haha. maybe ill show you if it works. maybe ill be too lazy and the minute i get off here i will read instead and have a warm shower with cinnamon gel. ^^
WHAT DO YOU DO TO PAMPER YOURSELF? (haha i really wanna i can pamper myself more haha)
xox, hihihi that i have my passport i really wanna go somewhere now!! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

good advice ^^

hi lovelies!! ^^
almost two weeks into the new are your resolutions holding up? 
some of mine are...and others, aren't!! haha ^^must be good!
recently I came upon some really good advice. you ready?
first of all, stress is all your own making! it's entirely your decision whether to be stressed or not. see the article in the picture above (I snuck the picture in an optometrist waiting room heehee!)
therefore, i stepped into school monday morning with a care! whee...when you really try, it's so easy. don't let anything disrupt your flow because your flow is worth it!
secondly, I found this quote in a read-over-coffee newspaper:
"if you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."-chinese epigram
the moment i read this i realized how true it was. so many fights with parents over simple misunderstandings! plus, when you are angry you tend to do your stupid things, like rip pictures apart or gorge yourself or whatever you do when you are mad. and most likely the things you do don't help anyone. im so glad i read this because it helped me avoid a stupid fight this morning that i can't even remember was about!
lastly, in the same newspaper i decided to read my horoscope. i dunno, do you guys read your horoscopes regularly? i don't, but this one rang so true i have to write it here!
"you may be more detached from your daily affairs than usual and you might want to step back and reflect on the overall course of your life. lucky numbers 6, 7, 18, 26, 43, 45) 7 is my fav number so i thought it must be lucky and true!! so i looked at the overall picture of my life and knew what to do. so, i was very glad that day. even if this is not your horoscope, take its advice and look at your life! ^^
One piece of advice i found out myself (i  bet u too and if not,) is to pamper yourself. after just a shower, some lotion, can make you feel refreshed. so, pamper yourself often! it's good for your body...and your spirit!!!
and do you read your horoscope? Do you know who writes them, anyway? Would it be the same if I looked at any newspaper?
lots of love, 
xox, hihihi ^^
PS. Look out for my oncoming tutorial...for leopard/kawaii nail art!!! ^^

Sunday, January 2, 2011

winter earrings ^^

hi! what's this...?
it's my christmas present wrapping paper! :)

now that it's the new year...time to start showing off those statement making accessories to start the new year with a bang!
Haha, I actually don't wear any accessories usually except for memory-infused bracelets etc. :)
But I can't help but gape at all the jaw dropping creative accessories I see everyday.
I LOVE looking at jewelry and stuff I can't afford haha. 
So here is my free, and more environmentally friendly version. 
-wrapping paper or printed image
-piece of clear plastic big enough for your earring design (mine are teardrops) 
How could you just throw that huge clamshell into the garbage from your lunch/present/whatever without a second thought??? that's just too cruel...that clear plastic is free too...!! Never throw away money right? Now rescue that container from the garbage and make yourself a pair of earrings. 
-packaging tape
-scissors/exacto knife
-safety pin 
-earrings wires
-passion for fashion <3

Let's get started :)
1.  Cut out teardrop shapes from the clear plastic. Add a smaller teardrop cutout if you have an exacto knife. Make sure your teardrop shape can be covered completely by a strip of your tape.
2. Tape over your wrapping paper (hey christmas...Soo won't forget you. ;) Rub it firmly so the image will transfer.
3. Rip the tape carefully but firmly, so that some paper fibres and image transfers, but the page isn't completely ripped.
see...I was very gentle with the paper. :) The top bit's colour is still in full force because I didn't tape there. but the transfered to the tape! yayay By the way this was a printed image from a laser printer.
4. Now glue that transfered image onto your piece of plastic. 
5. Make a twin drop. ;) Now pierce a hole on the top with a safety pin and insert earring wires. :) Since my ears are not pierced (DAAAANG) I just clipped them on for show. ;)
If you liked this...please comment.
If you made me!! :) I'm jealous, pierced ears! ;) (actually i just dream about it...because it's fun to dream ;)
last but not least...;)

moosey  pair! reminds me of the winter weather and warm-y knits ;)
xox, hihihi <3