Sunday, September 11, 2011

latest night out~12

maybe i'll update this blog once in a while, maybe not, just for personal rememberance of random things. <3
gr 12 has come, that's the final highschool year in canada, after that i'm an adult <3
finally finally i am getting the university vibes again, where i dream of decorating and living in my own cozy university dorm or apartment or at least studying studiously but cozily at university <3 our local university is renowned AND beautiful and it's the best school you could wish for. If only I knew what to study~~i want to learn about forests and maybe nature, but i also have a modern side, where i'd love to run an accessories store, since i already like to make jewelry~~
yesterday was my latest night out with friends, came home at like 12:20 am, probably early for some >< But my parents are very protective and for a good reason, a little boy went missing but now he's found. So these things do happen but i was around friends and family/couple crowds the whole time and got a ride home half way from a funny friend <3 It's so sad and heartbreaking to not be able to talk to some of my friends because they've paired up, but at the same time when I look at them occasionally (I want to give them privacy and I have to enjoy my life, too, as a partying girl ;)) they are so deeply in love I forgive them.Ahaha since my friends and I are not lesbian, I guess the guys will have to give them the love and company I can't give.
But having said that, after seeing true love, it makes me appreciate being a girl that much more. i went with my other friend and we looked over ALLLLL the cute stuff we could in that time!! We went to a night market and it was FILLLED with asian goodies. I bough a pencil case, funny earphones for my bro's bday, and some cheap jewelry (for when i get my ears pierced! :)) Funnily enough the earrings I bought came in a set of three, a heart, a bow, a ring. I think that when i feel romantic and have found my guy I will wear these. Right now, though, I'm only looking for friendship. THEN i can look for love.
No, before I look for love I have to look for my future--that's what i realized a few days ago. :) I'm in gr 12, where my future takes me is where I will most likely meet a compatible guy, and dayyyumm he will be sexy because he will be my type. :)
and where is my future taking me? I hope uni, so I'm going to work hard, and probably in a social studies/science cross (ie educating people about nature), working about sustainability with accessory stores to make jewelry a bit earth friendlier, or maybe just doing odd freelance art jobs too (as if i can draw that well though....:P I must make up a few form of art so that I can make it only, and they'll be no one in my field so ill be the pro ;)))
and to my bro: you don't know this blog exsists right? Good because I got you PILL headphones called Headphones from Sundries DRUGS, because I think you are always on drugs You know, because you are so crazy.
Well it's nice to have type-able thoughts once in a while rather than depressing beauty-asian-boy-social status-money-failing grad obsessed thoughts. and it's all because of the magic of good friends <3
tl, ks, os, cp, and all your "attachements" ;) <3
hihihi <3
PS I do post quite a lot about asian beauty supplies like eyelashes and BOY were there a lot of tempting cheap eyelashes. But...They were boring. :)


  1. Lols I do hope your brother
    doesn't read your blog or
    the surprise prezzy will be

    I wish you happy studying in
    your future, cozy dorm! A
    rebuild school sounds really
    nice! I hope it has nice
    hightech stuff and Fatboy
    pillows haha :P


  2. thank you!!!!!! that's the best wish anybody can give me right now ;) and luckily u and not my bro reads this! i was surprised but happily surprised, to see your comment, because I decided to stop blogging since I already have a hard enough time focusing on my schoolwork haha! aww glad to 'know' you ;)

    1. No problemo ^___^ I like
      to read blogs, it helps
      to improve my English...

      I thought you've moved
      to a new blog or site o:

      Anyways~ (btw I didn't
      had anyone in mind when
      reading my book 'P.S I
      Love You' :P)


  3. This is something new and I really like it! Would you like to follow each other darling?:X


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