Saturday, September 10, 2011

the best days

3 hr summer school? that's nothing, nothing at all. not with the sun shining in your eyes. not with a cute guy so close to you. not with one of your best friends right next to you. Not when you actually enjoy writing essays about things that matter to you. no, all this was heaven. all of it.
heaven. so that's what it's like. wearing shorts everyday. running to school but knowing you wont be penalized for being late. 15 minute breaks where everything happens. In class essays where you pour your heart out. Being free. Being me.
Somethings happened for sure. I felt so included maybe I never wanted to leave that microcosm. I still remember going to out of town malls. feeling like a rat in a maze. feeling like i had to jump off of everything to get rid of the energy. feeling a tiny bit of pride of being size 0 and a glimpse of the future in that beautiful, $300+ dress...and feeling hope, or craziness, but also jealousy that my other friend was more friendly with my best friend than she was with me because they were going to school, seeing each other everyday together. I didn't know which, the poles had been reversed.
But leave I had to , and now it's equipped me to go anywhere.
Do anything.
Even english 12 exams of doom.
Thanks english 12, mr b and ks and sa and all the others I truly love.

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