Monday, September 19, 2011

grad cruise

Can't believe I'm going to be graduating...
Anyways, the annual graduating class cruise...almost didn't go since I rarely like those hyped up things, I prefer doing things my own way...but I ended up going. I did want to, so I could dress up, but then again, I didn't see how I'd have fun. :P Well I did. It was beyond crazy, let me tell you that. If this is anything what clubbing is like, I am not going. :P I'd never "danced" the way everyone did on the cruise-jam packed like sardines and sweaty, throwing fists up like we're catching money falling from the sky and being dirty. Not naming any names. >:( Worse, I let a guy slow dance with me. I know, not dirty at all, it's okay to dance with your classmates...We had to do that in gym class. But I let him...he said "you don't have to if you don't want to." I felt drunk, even though I wasn't and never will be, so out of context, that I just wanted to be cared about. So yeah...I slow danced with this guy I rarely see around school and hopefully never see again. He put our hands in the right positions for a slow dance and I acted like I wanted it. He put his chin on my head so I put my head on his chest...All the while staring at the opposite wall and never looking into his eyes once since we were both doing it as peers and didn't want him  to get the wrong message. He was just a flirter or gay kind of gccuy and I was tired and wanted to lean against somewhere, so no lines were crossed. Ahaha anyways undoubtly now you are thinking what a loser i am...yeah I'm really seventeen and that was as real as a slow dance i ever had. :P But I knew it was fake so I'm still waiting for the real thing. ;)
The cruise left me feeling dirty from the body-throwing kind of dancing, the slow dance was actually more pure as it meant nothing while throwing your body is obviously trying to attract attention...

hihihi ^^ <3

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