Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer karma

so, as you know, i dont buy anything unless it's on sale.
on a super sale.

anyways, a few days ago my mom's friend came over. i love her. she is really nice. :) and she also brought some old clothes, as always, cause al my clothes are hand me downs (lol). at least i'm environmentally friendly. :) 
and personally she brought in a verrry cute black sweatshirt with a printed hoodie ^^ 
but moreover, one of the pockets of the clothes had the above product inside. ;) 
the sheseido spf 45 foundation stick in ochre (~$30!!!) $30!! wow!!
it smells like sunscreen a lot, which reminded me of summer.
i love summer!! 
also there were $7 in another pocket!!!! my mom NEVER gives me money other than a few dollars so this is  lucky~ and this time i used the money for my family and me. ^^ i bought some foot cream for my mom, freezies for everyone in the hot weather 


thanks for commenting!! remember ur opinion matters in this world:) and i will be sure to check ur blog out too!! :)