Sunday, June 26, 2011

i feel blessed in nature

my best friends and three boys went to a hiking trip yesterday to a valley! In there is a suspension bridge (that crosses an immensely deep canyon with swiftly flowing water--watch out!) and muddy trails. ;) Thank god my friend had been there many times cause I swear we didn't follow any trails half the time and jumped over roots and puddles and climbed wooden stairs instead. ;) We went for a steady 2-3 hours and were tired but excited to find a covered area for lunch. ^^ we all exchanged food. ;) It was pouring rain by then and we waited it out before continuing. ;) After the hike, we bussed to some malls to use the giftcard my friend gave me. However it was an expensive store and I couldn't split it, much less anything. 
A much better store was H&M. Though I disliked the loud music and crowds, there were some good deals. I really regret not buying some chain accessory that was on sale for $2--chain is expensive for some reason and i wanted a token of that store--it was very fashionable although the amount of styles was overwhelming and not organized by style, but price. ^^ in contrast, the last store we went to was so ridiculously expensive it made me want to puke. $25 000 for one piece of clothing. :P
However, I gathered lots of inspiration (from the cheaper stores!!!) since their trends are actually wearable and i love them. :) I even met a classmate there and i was so happy to see her again. ^^Maybe I have no money but being at a store and seeing my friends makes me happy enough! ^^
All in all, we had lots of fun ;) the boys were funny which is what i like, but sometimes my girl friends go overboard for them.  i know who we are, since we've seen each other at our bored-est state at school, and they're not as airheaded as she acts (one's top student after all) ^^ but i still love her and wished we had a girl's only moment so she didn't have to act. Was the guy's fault for being  a tease lol though.

hihihi <3 ^^

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  1. I've never hiked before, or atleast not in mountain/hills area ;P but it sound fun!
    There are alot of deals and sale everywhere :D
    I don't like the crowd either... makes me wanne leave the store instead of shopping and buying stuff :P
    Anyway thanks for visiting! Some of my classmates knows about my blog and some dont haha



thanks for commenting!! remember ur opinion matters in this world:) and i will be sure to check ur blog out too!! :)