Thursday, June 23, 2011

what makes me happy :) looking forward to summer

we were little kids, who had dreams.
we were little kids, who grew up.
we grew up, but where went the dreams?

to me, it seems that the dreams i had as a kid were the realest dreams. cause then i was not influenced by advertisements/sexy ads/pressure as much. 
back then all thinking was my own. :) 
and now i'm realizing, they still are. :)
the last two days were some of the best days of my life since australia. :) cause those two days i was praised and  made a different and strengthened bonds, and explored my creative side.
to me, that is what makes me happy. ;)
for the first good day, it was dance. :) i danced particularly well, better than i had before. :) it doesn't mean i'm a natural, it means that if you work hard enough you will improve. :) and haha my dance teacher said i had nice leg muscles ^^ which was a funny compliment because i never though so and don't play any sports!! haha  it was also fun learning a new dance for the year end recital.
for the second day i worked with my best friends on a school art project. we had to design the art project ourselves. i was so proud of how much we accomplished and how we designed it ourselves. :) the private feeling of accomplishment within our circle of friends was appreciated since almost all my friends have boyfriends now; we don't have "girl's only" outings anymore; boys are always included (heehee-not always a bad thing^^ though last time the boys wouldn't go into the clothing stores)
i do wish there was a boy i could identify with though...lately the only boy who i could like has gone anime crazy and is scaring me...i thought he was a gentlemen, but not anymore. >< i want a fun, joking guy that's not flaky and maybe asian. ^^
for the first time (in a long time) we also did each other's hair...even my short short hair that my mom won't let me grow out. maybe this summer i will...
this summer...
i will finish english summer school,
hopefully go on lots of trips with friends,
go out with family,
dance for fun ^^ (my mom is threatening to not let me dance next year...FOR NO REASON AT ALL except that she dislikes me doing it!!! >:(   ) with friends a bit with the giftcard my friend gave me for my bday.
hope to take lots of pictures, learn a lot, get to know more people and get to know those i love better. :)
oh yeah, since i'm on the internet and not my journal ^^,  i won himeko's giveaway!! ^^     i will be giving the items to my asian-style loving friend 'o'. ^^ just yesterday she was talking about coloured lenses  and double eyelid tape. haha i said, i won some! ^^
but i love my friend the way she is, she is naturally gorgeous ^^
i also won a contest for canadians from a popular brand, p&g, with $90 worth of 3 skin products :o somehow i am lucky ^^
hope to be lucky all summer. ^^ and and and best of all saturday i am going on a hiking trip with my friends!! and guys too..haha can't wait~~LOVE the outdoors!!
hihihi <3

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