Wednesday, June 29, 2011


today was the yearend dance recital and i am going to be so sad. :(
cause now that I'm in gr 11...the grade above me is the graduating grade and they will go. :(
the pictures will not be enough.
and, i will miss dance.
to take dance away from me, would take away who i am. and to give it to me, makes me feel like the luckiest child on earth.
i'm only in my second year of dance but have dreamed of wanting for it, of trying for it, for my whole life.
i had times of stagefright today which i'm sorry for but overall--i just fell into the music.
it moved me so much and i just couldn't stop.
my parents didn;t come cause it was 'expensive'. but my friend and her mom did, since she knows someone else in it too. ^^ i was really glad. :) we talked about DIYing dresses in the intermission; i wish i were as knowledgeable as she is. ^^ i said i would wear something outlandish to grad, something i would make, hopefully. or some cheap dress. :)
also this year the recital was more relaxed--which was why i got stagefright because nothing was prepared, last minute, and not even taped to make it official.
so yep, that ends my year 11 dance year, and the last contact with my trio (they're from a different school and a lot younger), and the beginning of a new beginning starts tomorrow. (the final day of school which is for signing yearbooks etc.)
oh god
i feel like i'm jumping into thin air, leaping over the last arc of sunshine and into the penumbra of a new world. (i like how i threw those words around like i know what they mean...I'm getting straightened up for english summer school)
Grade twelve, and my final educational achievements in all areas before graduating--here i am, and here i come.

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