Monday, June 6, 2011

ahhh boys....

ahhhhh boys...
can't live with or without them.
your brothers, they're annoying.
your guy friends, they're the best
and the ones you're crushing on, they're the same ones.
haha...well today almost officially two of my three friends have boyfriends...i could tell my third friend was really rattled. which is weird cause she's the hottest of us all, she always used to tell us stories about guys in her homeland who thought she was an actor haha. ;) i love her. and i can't believe that she was talking that way. well guess i was too cause i had to comfort her by pretending to feel the same way. I do, except i'm not that keen on actually getting a boyfriend while my friend seems to require one. :)
but i love her so much!! we just had a little walk just the two of us while our two other friends sat and ate lunch together. ><
why can't i access her??!! why do we have to talk about boys and mention dating at the same time?? what happened to only noticing a boy for his good looks or good character...:(
well i guess this is growing year we will graduate and....oh....
anyways, on a lighter note, i bought some lace. it's green cause there was no white and it was dirt cheap >< i'm glad i didn't give away all my beauty supplies to friends because now i can do lace nails >< they're drying right now but once im done i'll give u a DIY! ^^ they're sooo cute ><
i think too many people, including me, try to grow up with makeup, but no, growing up is nuturing what's inside, this is what i learned. for so long i couldn't wait to feel the brush of mascara against my eyelashes, now i know the creation of creativity and expressing it in dance or art is way more potent than anything makeup can bring.
>< none of you have me on facebook of course but my status was that all girls were prettier without makeup >< makeup is only good when u already have a boy u like or for creative practice. ^^

my question to you is,

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