Sunday, May 29, 2011

successful, fun weekend ^^!!!

whoo~~!! guess what? i just had the best weekend ever. it's finally summer time so u can wear shorts, finally one's legs don't have to be trapped!!
i spent my weekend with a bunch of loser (don't tell them) who were the best volunteer partners ever!!! haha jkjk i love them. :)
anyways, we did everything and anything--from lifting tables, operating gates etc. for our local fair. by the next day my arms were sore >< . but even after working 9 hrs we came back the next day, we really wanted to help again! this time we had to direct traffic, move road blocks, and finally collect all the road blocks. it was definitely hard work, for the road blocks were heavy! However I was so excited to be doing what made my life go on fire last year, that is, jump off trucks to collect things and jump back on!! nothing is more satisfying than helping with friends and being looked on with admiration. ^^
we were rewarded several times. :) mostly with food (donuts, drinks, sanwiches, name it) but in the end the head volunteer gave us free ride tickets, 18 in total. so we sold them all for $12 (waaay cheaper than normal price) and split 4 ways we got $3 each.

let's end this with something sweet cause free is sweet ^^

mint chocolate cookies we got ^^
i must thank all the amazing people i met there...volunteer leader, fair organizer, fair vendor, truck driver, other volunteers, waffle maker ^^
oh, also library always has cheap booksale, i bought many new magazines, so look out for future DIY's ^^ 
thanks for making my weekend!!

hihihi ^^


  1. LOL, I turned 17 on January 25th, I just never really changed it until now. But OMG, you volunteered at a fair!? Ahhhhh, that sounds like funnnnnnn c(: Ahha, and the weather seemed to be nice since you were able to wear shorts (:
    Ahhh, I'm so envious, volunteering at a fair sounds funnnn d:

  2. haha yeah its soo fun!! if u ever find one to volunteer at, promise me u will ^^ volunteers are the most loved~so many special privileges. we even went into the beer garden for 18+ people hha ^^ congrats on turning 17, one more yr eh? :)


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