Sunday, May 15, 2011

~senior year's graduation~my idols!^^

wow, what a long day.
from early school to watching the grads more year until it's my turn.
it's quite exciting and frightening actually.
the love that was in the air because of grads, the excitement and fanciness of it...i wanted it all.
i wanted to be celebrated like that ^^
but, some how i was just as happy, even happier, to celebrate pressure on me?
two of my friends wore makeup for the special occasion...i wish i did too, not because im vain but because i know i deserved it...taking pictures with the graduates, looking their best, i shouldn't look like i didn't take the time to care (even my mom said so).
anyways, they were beautiful~~^^ well they always are!! I love some of the grads so much and i wish they wouldn't leave!
however i can't wait to go dress shopping ^^and that general stuff with my friends. and....guys. last year dress shopping was an all girls activity, now with the addition of boyfriends and crushes it's a girl-guy thing.
will i want a boyfriend??
sure everyone has their "crushes" but i don't think they're suitable for longterm, just as a fun hang-out-with.
well i hope buddies are long term-ers...cause then i can get to know them better to see if i really like them~ ^^
anyways, yesterday i posted some friend pictures up on facebook of us camwhoring while dress shopping.
okay, so they weren't really that camwhore photos, just more camwhore than casual, and it felt liberating. you see i never post camwhore photos. im afraid someone will think im vain or its really a embarrassing picture.but since my friends are in it, its a picture of love, not vanity. i wish i realized that earlier, no camwhore photo is without the love and support of its audience ^^ thanks for teaching me that, blogging people ^^
lastly, there's a really asian night market opening up for the summer weekends and i really wanna go...i must go! next weekend!! hahahaha ^^
MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: HOW WAS YOUR GRAD? (Any grad...elementary, middle, highschool, uni...^^)
xox, hihihi

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