Friday, April 29, 2011

the dance day

from waking up, 7:00, to about now, 7:30, it's been a long day. i had to spend lots of extra time at my dance competition because i was getting a ride with someone who had an earlier competition than me (thanks!!!!:)
and...oh god. it was too long...cause by my turn i only wanted to get it over it. i still remember last year, my legs were weak, but i was so into the music it was a part of me. this year, i wasn't scared, just tired, and because i didn't have proper footwear, danced rather poorly compared to usually. i was slipping all over the place. luckily, overall, our trio got silver (that's better than bronze but no where as excellent as gold) and we got little teddy bearsfor them since we were a beginner group! (how cute)
it's been a suuuper long day...despite all the makeup i bought, i still sucked. i wish i didn't buy. i don't know how to use a pencil, i draw it on so thick it looks bad. maybe i just need liquid liner, since you can go no where as thin with a  pencil (my dance mate used liquid) however it was much better than showing up with nothing. i had to borrow my friend's mascara too and one from ardene (it is only in canada/us??please tell me if you know this store!!). ardene sells wonderful girly things and i love it (it's one of the main reasons why i would want my ears pierced...sooo cute earrings!) for example, super cute rainbow lipgloss and really great eyeshadow: (haha i will buy these if i ever get the chance!!! they are too cute) however, their mascara isn't so great. but they sell for $3.50, so i guess that's cheap. mine says "double volume" and another says "extra curl" but i doubt it, since "double volume" didn't do anything except make your eyelashes black, and maybe add a bit of length/clump. the problem is that there is almost nothing on the thick but sparse bristles, and what there is clumps, but doesn't stick to the roots of your lashes (so it looks like you have nothing on...unless you curl your lashesi guess). i put and removed so much makeup i was sick of it. i used to think makeup would be great, but now...i think i need to buy something more expensive or just give up. however bad the ardene mascara is, im quite happy because it looks nice, and i love ardene (though ive never bought anything from it before) personally, my makeup would only have to look nice ie. rainbow colours. im an artist/child at heart.
the best dance was to i wish i were that good!^^


  1. Oh good luck with the dance competition!
    I love to dance, I haven't danced for almost year because of school :(
    I used to do competition aswell.


  2. just looking at your creativity & pictures i have no doubt you're a beautiful dancer that loves dance very much ^^'s a problem for dance! im sorry u havent because of it. i doubt ill be able to next year either because of school.thank you for the luck! :) and u too


thanks for commenting!! remember ur opinion matters in this world:) and i will be sure to check ur blog out too!! :)