Saturday, April 2, 2011

~~back from vacation!!~~^^

wow, it's hard to believe'
it's been two weeks since i first landed in australia...scared of airplanes! i never thought i'd have fun...heat, humidity, strange surroundings. it's taught me i've been too close-minded about life. it's been too long since i travelled! <not april fool's~~^^>
there were ups and downs of course...but best of all i met new people and had new experiences. :) <3
although, personally, it felt like I went to china rather than australia because I spent so much time with chinese relatives at chinese restaurants...
the best parts?
definitely being around my young perverted friend...and being a child again....^^ remember when it was funny to be gross and not be called on it??
on the other hand i also enjoyed being "old"...for the first time i was able to buy some clothes because Kmart was having huge sales...i got shorts for $2.50 and flats for $3...
overall I got the impression that I needed to go out more and try everything, even if I don't like it~ ^^
thank you parents and family for making this all happen~~!!
now, back to regular canada...^^
I got my hello kitty plate in the mail thanks to who mentioned bornprettystore a while back...^^ however I don't have nail stamping tools, although I know people who do. ^^ I want my own!!
(luckily I watched a video on how to use them or else I wouldn't know there was a piece of protective plastic on top I had to peel off before you use the plate...^^)
My room is full of little reminders of these little koala souvenirs~ I wish i could mail one to each and every person who reads this haha! although you might be already from australia...and know they are quite cheap (.50 each haha)...

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