Thursday, April 28, 2011

i dance.
not really.
i mean i do, but i'm not very good at it. :/ haha
anyways, i have this competition tomorrow; and i haven'tbeen really stressed about it until now.
i mean it's only for fun right?
ihad to borrow almost everything-tights, foot undies (that's what you wear to protect the soles of your feet), mascara, foundation. i was so scared i wouldnt have everything i needed but at the last moment i did.
cause that competition is tomorrow!! and i just got everything i still haven't got my dress yet (ill get that tomorrow) it all feels verylast minute and rushed,,,not to mention my actual dancingabilities haha!
lol im so scared i dont even want to have to pay extra attention to another detail like makeup haha...that's big!
anyways, i hope you wish me luck. cause i want more of it haha ^^whether or not you've danced, it's the feeling of being on stage and pouring yourheart out that should be commended.
and grrr, i can't even practice before because my room is full of people (my brother haha) so i guess ill just wing it.

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