Sunday, April 24, 2011

cute products in real life!--->

Ahhh....What cute products you say? Let me get there. ^^
Yesterday I went to the mall to see a super funny magic/circus show. It was so cute seeing the little kids so engaged. It was so great I was laughing nonstop throughout both shows! Somehow a guy ate a balloon. Another guy said he couldn't pronounce the word "balloon" but kept saying: "I can't say balloon, I can only say "bay-loon." The little kids were so enraged that he was saying balloon and wasn't admitting to it!! Easter and magic and balloons...and cuteness all go hand in hand!!

(that's one of them with his 9 foot! )
afterward when i went to lunch with my family still i saw a worker pushing a cart of cakes from a nearby building!! so that's where they're made! haha ^^
she deserves applause! ^^
there were glowsticks on the ground..partying before easter's? haha 

i discovered "dollywink" all over the units at the top of the mall (it's really big) that I never usually go to. (that's mainly the foodcourt level and it's kind of expensive) it was in a store called cube inc. that had a lot of glass units filled with merchandise from a lot of independant sellers. it's a bad thing because i can't see the price, only the product, but each unit is displayed so it's each it's own spotlight. it's funny, i can only find stuff about asian culture on the internet; that's how i saw dollywink. but i saw it in real life, yesterday, and it was like the asian culture that exsisted elsewhere was suddenly here and close to me. quite cool actually. ^^ (in another store i saw on the third floor that also sold dollywink, each pair of fake eyelashes were $20!!! i would never buy!! how much is it in your countries??)
it really was quite fascinating to browse through all the eyelashes and floating lenses that could make your eyes look the same as anyone else's. though, i would never wear contact lenses coloured or not...too scary and don't want to!!
Lastly, i saw Miga's and Quatchi's in a plush animal game machine. poor guys! who is miga and quatchi? why, the olympic mascots for vancouver 2010. ^^
happy easter everyone!! hope you find as much cuteness as i did! ^^

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