Tuesday, April 12, 2011

long time no see ^^

WOW...it's been almost a month since i blogged. and it's not like i blogged much in between.
i love blogs
but making one~~nah.
maybe during the summer. :)
but for now...
i'll let life flows as it does...
and continue reading all of your blogs, i always find that is much more fun :)
anyways, i do want to point out that i went to australia and it is an amazing place. so please visit there if possible.
Well, i guess i should say a little about my trip.
first of all, i had no internet/computers for most of the trip and while it was a nice treat i realized i really didn't need it. not always anyway. just for a treat, catchup with you guys. :)
i had a lot more fun in real life.
yes, it was mostly visiting my mom's relatives and yawning at fancy restaurants but the shopping and people were good too, as was the scenery. ^^
in fact, I got beautiful flats (that's those flat, ballet-type shoes...what do you guys call them?) for $3, and shorts for $2.50 (but bad quality pictures haha...see below)
 $3 (looks like real leather,,,really!!) 
$1!! So good quality!! 
so girly right? haha
i like it 
and i've never had anything this girly in my life before, cause it costs too much. ^^ 
oh and one more picture///for the summer time...

icecream necklace!!
they are very mini...i made them last year when i wanted to start a business selling my mini food. i didn't haha but i made tons of earrings///made me feel weird/sad because my ears are not pierced so i cannot wear my own art, only others can for a price haha :) 

anyways...keep writing awesome blogs!! ^^ and thanks for inspiring me to try to make one..but im off on blog-vacation now until maybe the summer or just be a reader forever~~!!
australia: a postcard perfect place ^^

PS...I just bought some studs from the thrift store (the kind with foldback prongs that you can insert into clothing...) any project ideas??


  1. yeahh im too lazy to blog and take pictures just thinking about it. but oh well, i know theres a few people who enjoy my blog..though i can only name one right now. >>
    im so glad you had a nice time in australia. the weather has been crazy

  2. I love ballet flat shoes too, it's really comfy

  3. haha fern and hye rin, i enjoy both of your blogs, so please keep writing! :)
    @hye rin, these are my first ballet flats, i hope they are comfy when i wear them in warm weather :) any specific kinds of flats you like? sparkly/chain/colour? ^^

  4. ah lovely necklace, it's so cute!

    hope you'll enter my giveaway


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