Sunday, January 2, 2011

winter earrings ^^

hi! what's this...?
it's my christmas present wrapping paper! :)

now that it's the new year...time to start showing off those statement making accessories to start the new year with a bang!
Haha, I actually don't wear any accessories usually except for memory-infused bracelets etc. :)
But I can't help but gape at all the jaw dropping creative accessories I see everyday.
I LOVE looking at jewelry and stuff I can't afford haha. 
So here is my free, and more environmentally friendly version. 
-wrapping paper or printed image
-piece of clear plastic big enough for your earring design (mine are teardrops) 
How could you just throw that huge clamshell into the garbage from your lunch/present/whatever without a second thought??? that's just too cruel...that clear plastic is free too...!! Never throw away money right? Now rescue that container from the garbage and make yourself a pair of earrings. 
-packaging tape
-scissors/exacto knife
-safety pin 
-earrings wires
-passion for fashion <3

Let's get started :)
1.  Cut out teardrop shapes from the clear plastic. Add a smaller teardrop cutout if you have an exacto knife. Make sure your teardrop shape can be covered completely by a strip of your tape.
2. Tape over your wrapping paper (hey christmas...Soo won't forget you. ;) Rub it firmly so the image will transfer.
3. Rip the tape carefully but firmly, so that some paper fibres and image transfers, but the page isn't completely ripped.
see...I was very gentle with the paper. :) The top bit's colour is still in full force because I didn't tape there. but the transfered to the tape! yayay By the way this was a printed image from a laser printer.
4. Now glue that transfered image onto your piece of plastic. 
5. Make a twin drop. ;) Now pierce a hole on the top with a safety pin and insert earring wires. :) Since my ears are not pierced (DAAAANG) I just clipped them on for show. ;)
If you liked this...please comment.
If you made me!! :) I'm jealous, pierced ears! ;) (actually i just dream about it...because it's fun to dream ;)
last but not least...;)

moosey  pair! reminds me of the winter weather and warm-y knits ;)
xox, hihihi <3


  1. Cute idea for making earrings. I'll have to try it. Good luck with my fabric giveaway!!

  2. thank you...!
    i love crafty-minded people :) i think fabric would be awesome for earrings too!
    thank you too for the chance at fabric!


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