Sunday, January 30, 2011

Night Out

yesterday was my first night out!! And it was weird and wonderful. :)
I have to say...
it was nothing like i expected.
i mean i didn't know how to expect really, first of all haha!!
but anyway...
it was a dark and rainy night! literally!
and we walked and walked and walked! (and saved bus fares) I actually enjoyed the walking soo much! taking life slowly, moment by moment...
we went skating first!
i was really really mad at someone because she was the only one who wanted to go and it was so so expensive!! more expensive than my dinner!! but she huffed off and paid for her skating. so we all had to follow. i mean, everyone knows you can't pay to have friends right??? geesh.
 in the end it was okay but not worth $7!!
afterwards we headed to the mall next door. still sales haha!! us girls swarmed to the clothes sales while the guys stood at the door haha. poor guys. didn't care though, geeze, I'm a girl and all my clothes are hand me downs. I should at least have the right to browse. craziest of all, at one shop everything was $5!!!!!! and it was an expensive, fashion shop!!!  my friend and i wanted to buy...but lineups soo long!! urrgh even leggings, of all colours, were $2.50!!
the best part of the trip was probably the dinner though...after skating and mall and walking 6 blocks we were starving!! we went to a new, asian maid cafe. the waitresses there were really cute! pink/black sailor outfits. we ordered our asian meals. funny, because i eat asian meals all the time. i asked for a sandwich, some of the only non-asian choices, but the maid said only for lunchtime. too bad! the atmosphere at the cafe was sooo private and peaceful; i loved it. ;) Plus we got free tea as a part of the promotion~a caucasian guy said it was too sweet but i don't really think so!! it's just like asian coco cola. i hate coke!! but love bubble tea!! haha :)
im not going to lie...i am cheap, i don't really get money, so i ordered the cheapest meal...$5.20. it turned out actually very big!! so big i couldn't finish it haha :) but it was very good, hot, and even came with spiced eggs and generous amounts of meat and noodles. i was almost scared because it only said "dry noodle with meat sauce" on top~i thought it was only that. but no, worth my money. plus, the free drinks were at least $4!! so, balances out with the extra money spent on skating. The drinks were so amusing too! we ordered black, apple, lychee, and strawberry green/black teas...they were delicious and wacky colours and fitted the modern, fun atmosphere! ahh...what a cozy place, when i go on my first date i will bring someone there haha :)
after that we went to another mall..this time an asian mall...everywhere is chinese new years things!!! seeing the familiar sights made me joyful. and eating food so late had made me everything else is a blur and so slooow...
we missed so many busses we had to stay out until 10, my i got very worried my parents would get mad...because it was my first time out so late...but no one else cared so i was stuck in bad situation. but not my fault i am so protected and so think this way!!
we ended up waiting in a casino lobby. it was sooo weird and i hated the place. everyone there so old and ugly and rich and wasting life. i said if i ever wasted myself like that, shoot me! not really but i would never use their flat escalator!! the horror!! no wonder why everyone there so fat and old, they can't even walk on flat ground by themselves!!
which reminds me...
all my friends were wearing makeup expect me!!! D:
at this age...when you start wearing makeup...i know it's to impress...but obviously when you are all friends you don't need it made me unfortable. i want to tell them, you don't need makeup! you all so gorgeous au natural!! but i didn't. because maybe that's only how i think. i want to be gorgeous without makeup first. then beyond gorgeous when i do have it on. not impress only when i have makeup. when we got home, i had a big talk with my mom about it. she thinks only old women should wear makeup so cover up their flaws from age and that young girls have nothing to hide...:)
and i basically went to bed when i got home...tired tired tired but happy at the interesting day. :)
wouldn't mind going to maid cafe with my parents even, it's so private!! but too expensive for the entire family la. ;) the price would be like eating at a buffet without as much food...
PS Can't wait til new year's and my mom's birthday...what will i give her???
Sorry no pictures...cause i wasn't allowed to bring my not-waterproof and expensive camera in the rain!
xox, hihihi ^^


  1. skating was $7??? ==" for how long though?
    over here cost $12..... but for as long as you want haha

    i wish there was a maid cafe here =( i want to make my own maid cafe hahaha

    depends who i am with, but i dunno what specific place~ i usually get pho with a couple of friends because we all love it! and its only $6 for a small bowl which i cant finish anyway. ^^

  2. haha went only went half an hourr!! so sooo expensive lol :)
    cool~i don't know manga etc. but from that moment on i love maid cafes too! good luck if you do start one, great idea! i wanna start one too now!! :)
    I saw you went clubbing for the first time on your blog on the same day i went out. ;) What a great first experience for u ^^
    and thanks for commenting :)


thanks for commenting!! remember ur opinion matters in this world:) and i will be sure to check ur blog out too!! :)