Tuesday, January 11, 2011

good advice ^^

hi lovelies!! ^^
almost two weeks into the new year...how are your resolutions holding up? 
some of mine are...and others, aren't!! haha ^^must be good!
recently I came upon some really good advice. you ready?
first of all, stress is all your own making! it's entirely your decision whether to be stressed or not. see the article in the picture above (I snuck the picture in an optometrist waiting room heehee!)
therefore, i stepped into school monday morning with a care! whee...when you really try, it's so easy. don't let anything disrupt your flow because your flow is worth it!
secondly, I found this quote in a read-over-coffee newspaper:
"if you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."-chinese epigram
the moment i read this i realized how true it was. so many fights with parents over simple misunderstandings! plus, when you are angry you tend to do your stupid things, like rip pictures apart or gorge yourself or whatever you do when you are mad. and most likely the things you do don't help anyone. im so glad i read this because it helped me avoid a stupid fight this morning that i can't even remember was about!
lastly, in the same newspaper i decided to read my horoscope. i dunno, do you guys read your horoscopes regularly? i don't, but this one rang so true i have to write it here!
"you may be more detached from your daily affairs than usual and you might want to step back and reflect on the overall course of your life. lucky numbers 6, 7, 18, 26, 43, 45) 7 is my fav number so i thought it must be lucky and true!! so i looked at the overall picture of my life and knew what to do. so, i was very glad that day. even if this is not your horoscope, take its advice and look at your life! ^^
One piece of advice i found out myself (i  bet u too and if not,) is to pamper yourself. after just a shower, some lotion, can make you feel refreshed. so, pamper yourself often! it's good for your body...and your spirit!!!
and do you read your horoscope? Do you know who writes them, anyway? Would it be the same if I looked at any newspaper?
lots of love, 
xox, hihihi ^^
PS. Look out for my oncoming tutorial...for leopard/kawaii nail art!!! ^^

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