Monday, January 17, 2011


i confess...
ive never gone out at night before!! except with family and only a few times that I can remember recently.
AND I have just been offered the chance!!!!
You much my parents would freak out if they knew...and how they will say I am too young, blahblahblah...but, who wants to be an adult without even going out once with just friends???
Yes I have been feeling jealous lately. ^^ but jealousy anchors me to reality so quite happy actually.
i just told about everyone i thought would appreciate about the shoe sale and everyone says, GO BUY $5 heels you need them~~and hey, i will buy a pair for myself right now too ty!!
(lol...even my mom was regretful of not buying the $5 rocketdogs...and she doesn't spend money on clothes...)
oh~~what do I do???
just going out of school today to participate in a school environment talk at another school with friends made me so happy!! i love going out!! it makes me feel a part of the world and like im making a difference! not to my own selfish needs.
grrr even dumber I keep thinking about those someone else will buy them and not me even though they look so good on me. :(
ahaha but also making me happy, a different friend said we should go window shopping for dresses etc. together. i say yes~!! what girl does not like window shopping. it's not the buying of the dress...its the knowing u look fabulous in one and even better no one else can afford it anyway haha...:)

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