Friday, January 14, 2011

good mood

does anyone else check their horoscope? i never did until this week. but its fun~funny~!
tomrrow i know im going shopping with mom but i probably won't be able to hide my camera with me because its only in town! so small oppurtunities, but do not underestimate smallness~haha. ^^ im not very hopeful that i actually grew .5 cm, it was probably because i was wearing socks~oh well, it was cold haha!!
anyways, in town, there is a very good waxer, that i love going to. i used to hate it because i didn't care about looks and it hurt but now it doesn't hurt anymore. instead, the slight stinging sensation is quite relaxing and its very nice to have someone pamper you by paying a small fee. ~now come on, pamper someone you love~it's worth it!!~~i can't wait to give all my friends the rings i made them~

lalala~im just so happy to see that there are still christmas lights up everywhere (bushes, trees, indoors in stores)! ok this was last week but oh well~~it's still nice! now i'll put it here and it'll never go away! 

wala~short post, hope you take my advice and treat someone you love~ 
now im going to run off to try and make an accessory~probably headband~waste my time haha. maybe ill show you if it works. maybe ill be too lazy and the minute i get off here i will read instead and have a warm shower with cinnamon gel. ^^
WHAT DO YOU DO TO PAMPER YOURSELF? (haha i really wanna i can pamper myself more haha)
xox, hihihi that i have my passport i really wanna go somewhere now!! 

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